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Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner

Heartening devotionals, inspiring Scriptures, poetry, and practical suggestions give new mothers encouragement to look beyond the work to the wonder. Based on the truth that the hand that rocks the cradle needs the hand that rules the world.      $9.95

The Hand that Rocks

the Cradle

A Time to be Borne

Having a miscarriage is difficult. It's a walk through a valley of sudden change, ill health, and emotional roller coasters. It helps to know others have been there. It helps to share with a friend. A Time to be Borne will be as a friend, sharing comfort through the valley.       $5.99

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Penny Wise Helping You to Be a Better Steward of the Resources God Has Given You

Packed with inspiration and information that will help you be a better steward of the time, money and talents God has blessed you with. Penny Wise is the work of 22 authors. Here’s a sampling of the 32 articles.


Insight from Grandma Martin (Mrs. Allen Martin)

How to Save $124.34 a Day! (Dianna Overholt)

Understanding Sales Cycles (Sue Hooley)

A Penny Saved (Anonymous)

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Immortal Riches (Anonymous)

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Habits and Money (Gina Martin)

15 Tips to Avoiding Financial Pitfalls (Marvin Wengard)

138 pp  6X9  paper back      430 Keeper’sBookTM     Penny Wise $8.99

Birth & Babies

Packed with over 40 articles, Birth & Babies gives readers 64 pages of encouragement, how-to, stories and information—all about birth and babies! Here’s a sampling of the 40 articles.

Anything but Ordinary (Dianna Overholt)

Coping with Labor (Freida Miller)

Nursing Helps for Mothers (Anonymous)

Beating the Blues (Sue Hooley)

My Struggle with Low Milk Supply (Rosella Decker)

Potty Woes (Anonymous)

Our Experience with TTTS (Esther Horst)

64 pp  8.5x11  paperback      218 Keeper’sBookTM     Birth & Babies $6.99

Infertility Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Adoption and Foster Care

Infertility will minister to those who struggle with these life changing problems. Infertility is written by 35 writers whose paths are marked by the pain and loneliness of this journey. They know the struggles, the emotions, and the trauma of this path and pray that their work in Infertility will lend new courage to others. Here’s a sampling of the articles.

Finding Joy in Your Dirt Pile (Holly Mae)

Journey Verses Destination (Sue Hooley)

A Motherhood Bestowed (Stephanie Leinbach)

Helps for Infertility (Freida Miller)

Journey Through Infertility (Phillip and Miriam Miller)

Surrender- The ups and downs of foster parenting (Anonymous)

Of Longings That Linger (Marilyn Wiens)

64 pp  8.5x11  paperback      270 Keeper’sBookTM     Infertility $8.99

Organization For the Woman's Time, Space, and Stuff

Need help with clutter control? Want a hand organizing your home? Looking for time management ideas? 32 authors share their insights and experience to bring you the ideas and motivation you need to be the organized person you want to be! Here’s a sampling of the articles.

Start Organizing by Folding Your Hands (Dianna Overholt)

The Secret of Organization (Gina Martin)

Tips for an Organized Home (Faith Sommers)

The Organized Eight (Regina Garber)

The Purpose of Organization (Miriam Wengard)

A Season for Everything (Sue Hooley)

Calming the Chaos (Gina Martin)

Overly Organized (E Martin)

64 pp  8.5x11  paperback      348 Keeper’sBookTM     Organization $8.99 $7.99

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